Märksõnad: ampcom rj45, splitter cat7, li lan, cabl ethernet, kassid 8, loo rj45, juhataja võrgu kaabel, valge switch ethernet, kass 9 ethernet kaabel, RJ45.

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  • Funktsioon 2: RJ45 Kaabli
  • Funktsioon 4: võrgu kaabel
  • Funktsioon 3: ethernet kaabel
  • Funktsioon 5: Interneti-kaabel
  • Feature7: cat8 ethernet
  • Feature8: ethernet lan cabl
  • Mudeli Number: ICA/IKA
  • Feature6: Võrgukaabel RJ45
  • Pakett: Jah
  • Funktsioon 1: lan kaabel
  • Varjestus: Jah
  • Ülekande: 40Gbps
  • Kaabli Tüüp: Kassi 8
  • Brändi Nimi: Sekkumise teel

Maria 96
Packing is suitable for such heavy bobbin cables (ordered 2 cables of 15 meters) in fact, 2 layers of cellophane separated the wires from the outside world. Damaged, bare wires and scratched them a little more. In fact, there would be a little more of this impact and the metal of the wire would be bare. In short, you can think of a better packaging, but who needs it. I have an internet tariff has a speed of 100 MB/C that an old wire of 1,5 meters that these 15 meters hold this speed, there are no complaints, I can not measure the speed above, I can not apologize to the people.

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